Friday, 18 July 2014

Gran Quilters Exhibition

At the end of May I went to see the exhibition by the Gran Quilters in Swatragh.  This                   exhibition is held every year and is well worth a visit.

The Gran Quilters Group Quilt

Mary Ann Conlon
I thought this was a very striking quilt and I loved the colour gradation.  The quilting was also lovely.
Hilary Richardson
The same quilt design, this time made completely in batiks which I always love for the colour.

Janet Millar
The same design again but the difference this time is that Janet has sewed some beautiful cotton lace on the back of the quilt.

Martha Brown
Eilish Convery
This is showing one block of a candlewick quilt.  The photographs don't do it justice but the quilt was absolutely amazing. 

Mary Birt
Hilary Richardson
I made this same quilt at a retreat, I'll show it to you in another post, but it's lovely seeing it made in completely different colours.  This is one of the things that I find inspiring about going to exhibitions or classes.  Someone else's colour combinations may make you think outside your own box.


This beautiful Christmas tree was in a glass fronted frame so please excuse the shine from the overhead lights.  It was made from tiny pieces of fabric all freemotioned to the background with other decorations and lights sewn on top.  Then little presents were fussy cut from fabric and laid at the bottom of the tree.  It was amazing.

It was one of my favourite things from the exhibition, sorry I didn't get the makers name.
Bye for now.

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