Monday, 9 January 2012

Scrappy Nine Patch Day

One of my friends recently came up with the great idea of five of us getting together on a Saturday to have a sewing day. .

The aim would be to make scrappy nine patch quilts.  Each of us would bring along five little bags with fifty  2 1/2" squares in each bag.  Here are mine.

We each exchange four of our bags so that we are left with 250 squares of all sorts of different fabrics.  I wonder what new fabric I will get in the exchange?

Then we sew scrappy nine patches without looking at the fabric in the bag when choosing our squares.  At the end, we all pick our own background fabric and put our quilts together in whatever layout we wish. 

I think this will be a lovely way to spend a Saturday with friends.  Now we just have to work out which Saturday suits us all.

I'll keep you posted and show you the nine patches when I complete them. 

Must go now, talk later.

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