Sunday, 20 November 2011

My First Craft Fair

I had a really good day yesterday at the Craft Fair in The Playhouse here in Derry.  I was quite nervous before I went but once I had my table set, I felt fine. 
My table at the Craft Fair
The aim of the day for me was to promote the classes that my friends and I teach in the Parish Centre at St Peter's.  We're known as Keep it Crafty.  I met lots of old friends and quite a few new people interested in quilting.  It was a very positive day.

One of my vintage sewing machines provided a lovely prop for my table.
Class Timetables and Gift Vouchers

I enjoyed the fair so I reckon that I would do it again.  Maybe next time I would have some small items for sale as well.

On the way home that afternoon my husband and I were passing by Enagh Lough, which is near where we live, and the light was absolutely amazing.  It was just before sunset and I couldn't resist stopping to take a few photographs.

Enagh Lough, Derry
 Must go now, it's late.  Talk soon.