Monday, 14 November 2011

Craft Fair at The Playhouse

I belong to a group called 'Keep it Crafty' who offer quilt classes in St Peter's Parish Centre, Culmore, here in Derry.  I will be representing the group at the Craft Fair in The Playhouse here on Saturday 19 November between 11am and 4pm. 

Come along and pick up our new timetable for classes starting in January 2012.  Enrol for a class or stop for a chat. 

My husband has kindly made me some ladders to display the quilts, some of which I will teach in January, at the Craft Fair.

Selection of Quilts
Space saving display
An alternative to hanging quilts
But they are also great for my home as there is only so much wall space for hanging the quilts.  It's a shame, I think, to keep them in cupboards all the time.  This way, they can still be on display without taking up too much space.

Lots more quilting to do tonight so I must go.


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  1. The ladders are a lovely idea Sandra! Good luck with the craft fair, is anyone else from the group going to be there with you?