Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fresh Starts

It seems like ages since my last post.  I have been so busy!  My youngest son has just joined his older brother at secondary school and there were lots of preparations for that milestone.  He has had a growth spurt since I bought his uniform and his shirts won't last long.  But that's life.  My daughter went back to university and I miss girly chats at night.  I was also getting ready for two new classes which started this week.  My new quilt is for one of these classes but I haven't quite finished the quilting on it yet.  I promise to put up pictures when I can. 

My friends and I are starting a new chapter together as we no longer have our local quilt shop.  Our group is called "Keep It Crafty" and we offer quilting and knitting classes. We were very grateful to be offered the use of St Peter's Parish Centre here in Derry to run our classes.  It's fantastic!  Big room, nice and bright, good lighting with a big car park right outside the door.  Really handy.  Big thanks go to Rev. Robert Miller for being so generous.

Mary Good is giving a class in patchwork landscape, Louise Kelly is offering kids sewing classes and she should have a knitting class in the near future.  I have a free motion quilting class and then my country sampler quilt. 

Free Motion Quilting Designs
My classes went well and everyone was really positive about our new venue. 

I was back at the Car Boot Sale  again this week and I found some lovely old glass bottles and ink pots.  Most of them were dug up by a digger driver who now has quite a collection.  They needed a lot of washing and even though some of the glass is damaged, I still thought they were very pretty. 
Old Glass Bottles and Ink Pots
The big green one is a milk bottle with a cow on the front and someone milking it.  The tall bottle is apparently a lime cordial bottle from Ross' s of Belfast and has shamrocks all over it.

All clean and shiny

Well, I must go now as it's late.  Hopefully it won't be too long until the next one.

Bye for now.

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  1. I love these bottles Sandra. You are becoming quite the recoverer of lost gems! Your house must be filling up with all your pretty vintage finds. Thanks for sharing the photos with us here! love b.x