Friday, 9 September 2011

Cubby & Vintage Spools

I went to an exhibition in the Verbal Arts Centre here in Derry today with my friend Ann.  It was called "To The Lighthouse an interpretation in stitch".  Marlene Milner was the artist and it was based on her favourite book by Virginia Woolf and the work had been completed for her City & Guilds Level 4 textile course.  My favourite parts were the trapunto work and hand-quilting on the ottoman cover.  Amazing.

We also did a bit of shopping while in town and I found this wonderful cubby.  I had seen one on the Pottery Barn website before and then by chance found this one today.  I love it and couldn't wait to get it on the wall.

Cubby Organiser
Also, when I got home, my little spools had come from America.  I had thought that I would use them for embroidery thread but I just love them bare.  The labels on the end are lovely.

Vintage Spools
Vintage Thread Labels
So a big thank you goes to Jinxxy, I am really pleased with my purchase.

Well, Ann and I had a lovely day.  Must go now, it's late.


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