Sunday, 28 August 2011

First Purchase on Etsy

I registered with Etsy a long time ago with the intention of selling some handmade items.  I have to admit that I still haven't done it.  Tonight, I went on the site to read about the ins and outs of doing this, but instead got drawn into the lovely items that are for sale.  I just bought these pretty vintage spools on jinxxy and it was very easy to pay using paypal.  I think I'll use them to hold my embroidery thread.
Vintage Thread on Wooden Spools - Lot of 17
Vintage Wooden Spools
So why not jump in and have a look for something that takes your fancy.

Bye for now

1 comment:

  1. And I just mailed them off - I hope they travel quickly so they can start their new position as embroidery thread spools. Thank you for adopting these spools and giving them new life!

    Here's to many more purchases on Etsy!