Monday, 25 July 2011

More Treasures

Yesterday, I went for the first time with my husband and kids to the market where he found my lovely old sewing machines.  We found lots of new treasures, and guess what?  Another old Singer machine.  It has the cover, it is working and there is a little bobbin as well.  I looked up an internet site which dated the serial number as 1889 and the logo on the front says THE SINGER MFG. CO. NY..  So I'm wondering if this one was actually made in New York, which would make it even more special for me as I have some lovely memories of my time there.

Old Singer & Button Box

 I also found an old rusty box full of old buttons.  When I began to sort through it and to clean some of the buttons, Catherine realised that some had the name of a department store, Austins & Co., on them.  I thought that was lovely as it's here in my home town.  Apparently, it's the oldest independent department store in the world.

Austin & Co. Buttons

The little tin box, although very rusty, still had some of it's original design on the sides, which was very pretty.

Rusty Tin Box & Buttons
I think that I will try and contact the store to try and find out when the buttons date from and if they were sold on their own or on garments.

I still have to finish the baby quilt that I was making but I am enjoying the free motion quilting on it.  I'll let you see it when it's finished. 

Just thought I would let everyone see a copy of the timetable for the classes in  September that my friends and I are offering.  Look us up on facebook.!/profile.php?id=100002644233674&sk=wall

Must go now.  Lots more to do.

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