Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Milestone Moments

I must apologise for not having blogged for such a long time but I have just had the most amazing month. 

My husband and I celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary and both of our families threw us a fantastic surprise party.  It was wonderful!  My daughter couldn't be there as she is in England at university but my sister-in-law skyped her so that we could all see her and chat.  My sons had secretly gathered photographs starting with our wedding, the births of our three kids and a few other favourites and had them made into a book.  It was absolutely lovely and will make a lovely keepsake.

I then had my 50th birthday which was another milestone moment.  I celebrated with family which was great. 

I am now slowly coming back down to earth after having spent a wonderful weekend in Paris with my husband, something we had always said that we would do for our 25th Anniversary.  Paris was even more impressive than I had hoped for.
We arrived in the evening and from our window we could look out on the Gare de l'Est Station which was very beautiful.

Gare de l'Est
One of the beautiful windows
 As we were able to see the Sacre Coeur lit up on the hill ...
Sacre Coeur in the background
... we just had to go and visit it that night.
Basilica of the Sacre Coeur
Framing the moon
The next day we took an open top bus tour and began our day at the Louvre.  It was so impressive driving through the archway and the space just opening out in front of us.  I know this stitched photo isn't great but I wanted to try and show the size of the place. 
The Louvre and Pyramid
Our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower

Through the trees
What a way to spend a beautiful crisp cold morning!

The Eiffel Tower seemed to me to have a lot of contradictions.  In some respects it looked delicate with lots of decorative pieces.  Yet the sheer span of it at ground level and its height were so impressive.  Far more than I had expected.       

I'll have to fill you in with the rest at another time.  It's too late now. 
Bye for now.

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