Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Quilting My Scrappy Nine Patch Quilt

Firstly, I have to apologise for not posting for so long.  Things just seemed to run away with me.  My daughter went back to university, the boys went back to school and my classes started. 

I had been quilting my Scrappy Nine Patch on my frame and was really enjoying it.  Firstly, I used my new longer ruler, that I had bought at The Cotton Patch in Birmingham, to quilt in the ditch and stabilise everything.  It was fantastic, much easier than the shorter one I had used previously. 

Ruler, channel lock and zinger
I had also bought the channel lock and zinger for my scissors which were very handy.

I had quilted everything on my quilt except the half-square triangles when my machine went a bit wacky.  With the help of Liz, Alan and Geoff at The Cotton Patch, hopefully everything is now sorted.  So now I am in the final stages of finishing it.  I still have to rip out some of the bad stitching and also finish putting on the binding.  Again, I have learned a lot whilst quilting this one. 

As always, I have used Aurifil 50 weight thread in both the top and bottom of my machine.  Aurifil is a very high quality thread.  It quilts like a dream and there is little or no lint build up.  I would recommend it to everyone.  I bought this wonderful Aurifil Shade Card whilst I was at The Festival of Quilts.  Now, I'll always be able to order the exact shade of thread that I need and maybe some others that I just love. 

Aurifil Shade Card
The quilting can be difficult to see on the front of the quilt but I'll show you some of the photos anyway.

I used the piecing as a guide so that I didn't have to mark the quilt.

The same pattern was used in the narrow off-white border as was used in the large outer border, although it was twice the size.

I took these next photos with the quilt draped over the frame.  This is the quilt from the back. 

This shows the quilting in the ditch which was used to stablise the quilt and the single curls used in the half square triangles.

This shows the centre of the quilt.

Overall, I think I learned a lot of new things with this quilt.  It was a lot of fun.
Well, I'll have to go now as the boys are waiting for dinner.
Bye for now.



  1. Hi Sandra, glad to hear you got back to your quilt - the quilting is lovely. Can't wait to see it at class. Must get a frame too - am getting jealous!! Claire x

  2. Sandra... everything you make is perfect!!!... perfect piecing, perfect quilting ;)

    Louise x