Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scrappy Nine Patch Day Continued

My friends and I got together on Friday to make our scrappy nine patch blocks.  We had a lovely day, lots of craic and gorgeous food.  There were five of us - Ann, Mary, Liz, Hazel and myself.  We each brought 250 squares measuring 2 1/2 inches and we each gave away four bags of fifty squares.

I mentioned the squares that I had cut in a previous post Scrappy Nine Patch Day.  We arrived at Mary's house at 10am and sewed until lunchtime.

Mary looking very industrious
Mary's blocks
Ann gave everyone brown bags for all our squares.  These were mixed together and picked out at random and sewn to make our nine patch blocks.

Ann chain piecing

Ann's blocks

Hazel pressing her blocks

Hazel's blocks

Liz concentrating on her seams
Liz's blocks

My chain piecing

My nine patch blocks
Now this isn't as easy to do as you may think.  I love scrappy quilts but I generally would use only fabrics and colours that I have chosen for that particular project.  So in a way it was quite liberating. 

We sewed until late afternoon.  Liz brought two scrappy quilts with her to show us how pretty the scrappy blocks can look when paired with the right link fabrics.

Scrappy Four Patches
Scrappy Four Patches Again

Our next task now is to figure out how we want to incorporate our blocks into a quilt and then have another get together to show each other what we made.  I'll keep you informed when that happens.

My scrappy nine patches

The more I look at my nine patches the more they seem to be growing on me.  Well I must go now as it's getting late.

Bye for now.

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  1. looking good ladies! Aren't Liz's quilts amazing? Love that large one.