Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunny Sunday Morning

Today we went to our local car boot sale again and it was a gloriously sunny day.  You know the kind, when you're standing still, you can feel the heat of the sun on the backs of your legs. It was a lovely morning and quite a surprise given that this is now November. 

Well, as usual, I found some treasures, some more unusual than others.  The first thing to catch my eye was the French mustard stoneware jar followed by the three Virol jars which seem to have contained some kind of fat which supposedly was good for kids and sick people.  Sounds a bit gross but the little jars are still lovely.

French mustard jar
Virol stoneware jars
Lastly, I found an old gas iron which I couldn't resist.  My mum called in later that day and told me how she had used an iron like this at home when she was young.  It really brought back memories for her which was lovely.

Vintage gas iron
Mummy explained how it would be connected by rubber tubing to the gas tap and then it would be lit.  This provided the heat for the iron to work. 

So not only did I get some nice vintage pieces, I also brought back some memories for my mum which was an unexpected pleasure.  My advice to you today would be, if you see a car boot sale, go in for a rummage.  You never know what you might find.

It's quite late, so we'll talk more later. 

Bye for now.

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