Thursday, 9 July 2015

Quilting Frame & Machine For Sale

I fell in love with quilting shortly after I began doing patchwork. 
Even before I could do freemotion quilting I loved it and aspired to do it. 
I discovered QNNtv on the internet and I watched Linda Taylor for hours as she "drew" with her longarm and made beautiful designs.
Well I was lucky enough to get a
Gracie Queen Frame and a Janome 1600P
to quilt with. 

I have really enjoyed using it and have had lots of fun whilst learning.

This is my mum's quilt, which she pieced herself, on the frame and it will be
the last one I quilt on the Gracie.

I have quilted an oak leaf pantograph on the quilt which mummy wanted because

of the connection of the oaks with Derry.
If anyone out there has wanted the space to have more freedom with their quilting,
the frame gives you that.
If you're interested or would like to ask some questions
contact me or send me a p.m. on my facebook page.
I will tell you all about my next exciting step soon.
Bye for now.

P.S. Just to let you all know that I sold my Gracie today.
Thank you to all those who expressed an interest.

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