Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Festival of Quilts 2014

To some of you it might seem strange that I'm already thinking of the Festival of Quilts in August but you have to understand that it's a whole expedition for my friends and I.  We go for three days and it is the best craic ever!  From the journey over, to the show itself, meeting in the bar at the end of each day comparing what each of us have bought and meeting up with old friends.   We are now officially booked both with flights and hotel.  So now it starts to get exciting.
Now we can't wait to see the class lists to see if there are any that we would like to enrol in.  We also start thinking about what kind of bag to make, as we always make a new one each year.  Here are some of mine.

Looking out for the 'must have' comfortable shoes or sandals so we can walk all those miles around the show.  And a big plus for me as well this year is that my daughter will be joining me for the three days. 
Catherine went to university in England, graduated last year and has now set up home in Manchester.  So she will be coming down to join us and it will be lovely being able to spend all that time with her.  She came last year for the first time but was only able to spend one day with us.  So this year I thought it would be nice if she could come for the three days.
I just remembered too that I haven't put any of my photos from last year on the blog so here are some of my favourites.

Diane Firth - Dry Valley
Sandy Corry
Together, sharing this great land
Sandy Chandler - Grace
The quilting was amazing on this quilt, it had to be seen to be believed.  Sandy won 2nd Prize in the Traditional Quilts category.  

Kay Bell - Solar Powered
I know this one may be difficult to see but that's just my camera skills, or lack of them. The quilting was amazing as always.
I'll keep you posted with some more of my favourites at a later date.
Bye for now.

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